OD-17, The Plain Plane - A Beginner's Kit

OD-17  -  The Plain Plane  -  O.F.F.C. One Design for 2017
OD-17 - The Plain Plane - O.F.F.C. One Design for 2017
Item# NS-105

Product Description

The design of this kit was inspired by complaints from older modelers that they could not built with 1/16" square sticks any more. To address this problem I designed this model with interlocking features for the 2017 O.F.F.C. One Design contest.

This type of structure makes a good first fuselage model for a beginning modeler. This is the first of a series of three models for beginners and senior modelers that combine ease of construction with good flying characteristics.

All sheet parts are laser cut. It has a self aligning fuselage with sheet sides. Flying surfaces have aligning notches. The single aligning tool needed is part of the kit.

Everything is included except for the glues, dope or fixative, your hobby knife, and sandpaper.